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-23℃ ~ 82℃
Shot time-23℃ ~120℃

Buna-NBR:(Nitrile Butadiene Rubber ) has good tensile strength and resistance to abrasion.It is also resistant to hydrocarbon products.It is a good general-service material for use in water,vacuum,acid,salts,alkalines,fats,oils,greases,hydraulic oils and ethylene glycol. Buna-N can not use for acetone,ketones and nitrated or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Cold-resisting NBR

-40℃ ~ 100℃
Shot time-45℃

Cold-resistanting NBR:Offer less Oil-Resistance than Buna-NBR.


-20 ℃~130℃
Shot time-30℃ ~ 150℃

General EPDM rubber: is a good general-service synthetic rubber used in hot-water, drinks, milk product systems and those containing ketones, alcohol, nitric ether esters and glycerol. But EPDM can not use for hydrocarbon based oils, minerals or solvents.

Acid and alkali-resistanting EPDM


Acid-alkali resistanting EPDM: offer Acid-alkali resistant better than General EPDM.


-35℃ ~ 100℃
Shot time-35℃ ~ 113℃

Neoprene is recommended for moderate acids,oils,fats,greases and solvents. It has good resistance to anhydrous ammonia and alcohlo.


-10 ℃~ 180℃

Viton is a fluorinated hydrocarbon elastomer with excellent resistance to most hydrocarbon oils and gases and other petroleum-based products. Viton can not use for steam service, hot water over 82℃ or concentrated alkalines.

Steamproof viton

5 ℃~ 190℃

Steam-resistant Viton has good Steam-resistance property and can offer Acid-alkali resistant better than Viton.



Silicone Rubber has good resistance to high temperature and low temperature and its chemical is stable. It is recommended for foods,strong acids and weak alkalis.

(Inner liner EDPM)

-5℃ ~ 110℃

PTFE has good chemical performance stability and surface will be not sticky.
At the same time, it has good lubricity property and aging resistance. It is a good material for use in acids, alkalis, oxidant and other corrodents.

(Inner liner NBR)


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